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Design Vibes is a creative studio based in Singapore, providing one-stop design services from digital to print. We are specializing in website design and development, also come with great experiences in branding solutions, graphic design, packaging, prints, product photography, social media management as well as SEO. In other words, our diversified services allow us to better serve you in all your business needs, which become an effective way to optimize online-to-offline marketing, strengthen your customer experience, user engagement and help your company build up a more solid brand awareness.

By implementing digital marketing and creative strategies, we are dedicated to work with our clients in developing impactful, high performing websites that drive sales and results. Regardless of whether you’re an SMEs, business owners, startup or entrepreneurs, we are here to help you transform and grow your businesses into a great online presence.

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We aim to provide our customers with the best quality of web design & web development services. At the same time, have your back in other aspects such as digital marketing, graphic and branding solutions, with a market-oriented approach to achieve your business goals. 


To become the most trusted name in creative industry, helping you to build unique identity for your brand that resonates with your audience and convert leads.

Continue to be innovative and moving forward with more breakthrough in this field.

Our Values

“Do the right things and then do the things right.”

We emphasize on work attitudes, integrity and honesty, to help you make a right decision. We respect and listen to your ideas, while also offering the best advices and solutions that benefits your company and your customers. We aware of the right things to do, and then do it in a right way.


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Successfully Awarded:
Site of the Year 2022
Site of the Month (August)

Founder's Story

Yoga Ong
Founder, Project Manager

Let's meet up and you will be able to see her real face!

After leave her full time web designer job, she decided to pursue her dream and founded Design Vibes in 2019. With 10+ years of creative industry experience, her works cover the areas spanning web design & development, digital marketing, branding, graphic design and print media, even in product photography.

As collaborated with a wide range of clients before, this made her build up with her own unique approaches and insights in project management. Especially in understanding client’s needs and expectation, she always ensure high quality works with high client’s satisfaction.

In Person

A person who is keen in visual arts and design, loves to explore creative and beautiful thing in life. Someone that is quiet, but when comes to design or something interested, she become talkative. She enjoys self time and hobbies like photography and Chinese calligraphy.

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Our Brand Colours

White – Represent our pure heart in art and design, it is how we put life into every designs.

Almost everything, without white (or space), it’s nothing. It’s powerful and irreplaceable. It’s the absence of colour, but its more than a colour. It’s the key to contrast. It’s the life of design.

Black – It is strength, power, and professional. In art, black is the presence of all colours. 

With “All Colours” in one, it signify we strive to give all we have – our knowledges, our experiences, our guidance and our full of heart in every projects. 

Gray –  In design, it is neutrality and balance. At work, it’s intellect, knowledge and wisdom.

We emphasize on giving a design as natural as it is. Not over complicacy, nor over simplified. We desire to create designs that make sense.

Sand – Natural. The colour of comfort and harmony.

We hope each of the design we create, users can easily relates, resonates and “feel”. Just like what nature gave to us.

Our Clientele

Every single efforts, we matters.
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