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The importance of website maintenance cannot be ignored. Constantly updates and improvements on your websites are so crucial to ensure your site healthy and make sure it functioning well to serve your customers. No matter what kind of platform you’re using, not all of them are 100% safe. Malicious attackers are always finding new tricks to penetrate the system, that’s the reason you need website maintenance service to protect your website.

When your guests encounter problems and have obstacles browsing your web pages, this definitely will discourages them to come back visit the page again. With this reason, you might be losing some web traffics and even potential customers.

Regardless of whether you’re running a small website with little information, keeping your visitors browse safely and smoothly is the first thing you would need to consider. It’s all about ensuring your site security, troubleshooting technical issues, keeping plugins updated or constantly update with new content, to encourage traffic growth and quality user experience.

At Design Vibes, we offer custom website maintenance packages that best suit your needs, consult with us and we set you free.

Why You Need

10 Reasons You Need Website Maintenance

What You Need From Us

Website Maintenance in Singapore

  • Website Maintenance
  • WordPress Updates
  • Website Security Monitoring
  • Website Attack Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting issues and fixing bugs
  • Plugin Updates
  • Website Performance
  • Analysis
  • Technical Support
  • Website Content Updates
  • eCommerce Management
  • eCommerce Product Updates
  • Blog Page Updates
  • New Webpage Design & Creation
  • New Webpage Development
  • Addon Features / Functional Development

Constantly keep your websites fresh and safe.

Choose your packages

Website Maintenance Singapore Packages


SGD 150 / mth
  • Billed Annually (Min 1 Year)
  • 3 hours content updates
  • Technical Support
  • Website Security Monitoring (Customers that using our web hosting)

Custom Ad-hoc

SGD ?? / project
  • One-time charges
  • Charges based on requests
  • Suitable for One-Time content updates
  • Flexible for small or large size projects
  • Budget Saving (Pay only when you need)

Special To You

SGD ?? / mth
  • Billed Monthly with Yearly Contract
  • Custom to your needs
  • Project with constant updates
  • Suitable for product uploads, blog posts & news updates
  • Technical Support
  • Website Security Monitoring (Customers that using our web hosting)

Maintain Your Website With Us

Step 1
Consult With Us for A Suitable Maintenance Plan

Share with us about your web maintenance needs on your own website, we will suggest the most suitable plan or provide you with a custom quote.

Step 2
Provide WordPress Backend /
FTP Access

Upon contract signed, we will require you to provide access of your website’s backend in order to do the particular updates.

Step 3
Work Starts & Stay Updated

We will start to work on your project and keep you updated whenever they are completed. You will always have your website stay fresh and safe.

Match your plan with other services to get a custom quote @ +65 82916681
Customer Reviews

What Our Clients Say

Sri Herlina
Fantasy Waterbeds
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Yoga is an excellent website designer/developer. Very accommodating and not to mention really patient throughout the whole process. She kept her professionalism at the top of her list! She has beautifully designed and developed our website and lastly, her proficiency in getting things done is excellent. Thank you Yoga!
Ken Wong
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A dedicated and professional designer that is able to provide creative ideas to the design of our company's website.
Melody Lin
Oh Dear Studio
Read More
Excellent speedy delivery. Thank you for the great job done. I LOVE my site!!
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